Types of housing

There are different types of housing in Surrey. Some are managed by boroughs and district councils, while others are managed by housing associations.

Council housing

Information about council housing including types of tenancy, repairs and maintenance information can be accessed through the Gov.uk website.

You can also apply online using your post code to take you to your local information and applications forms.

Gov.uk provides the following information:

Empty and derelict properties

Open and derelict properties represent a wasted resource that could be better used to alleviate homelessness and address housing needs. In addition, there could be both health and safety concerns from the structural decay of properties and their effect on nearby properties.

In the first instance, queries and concerns about individual properties should be directed to the Housing Services of your Local Borough or District Council.

Houseboat moorings

Surrey County Council has 22 houseboat moorings on the Basingstoke Canal, 20 at New Haw and two in Woking.

These are held on long leases, the earliest of which expires in 2037. Any change of lease is a private matter between the existing leaseholder and their potential replacement. Our solicitors will then ratify the change.

Pay your houseboat mooring rental

Housing associations

Your local district or borough council has lists of housing associations in your area.

The National Housing Federation is the body that represents the independent social housing sector. They have around 1400 non-profit housing organisations currently in their membership. Between them they own or manage around 1.4 million homes.

If you rent your home from a housing association, you could find out about house swaps by taking a look at the Gov.uk website.

Mobile homes

If you are a resident of a mobile home, or if you are a site owner, contact your local district or borough council if you require any information about housing matters.

Shared ownership housing

Contact your local district or borough council for further information about shared ownership housing in your area. They can also provide information about residents' associations.

The Gov.uk website offers more information about shared ownership housing.

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