Information about schools in bad weather

Schools will only close in bad weather for one of the following reasons:

  • Too few staff can get in. This will be because transport isn't running or roads are closed.
  • The school building has been damaged and is unsafe.
  • The school has no heating or lighting.

In winter there is also a greater risk of localised or pandemic illness which could affect staff numbers and mean a school would have to close.

School closures

To check if your child's school is closed please refer to their school's website.

If you are unsure of their website, please refer to our schools directory to find your school.

School transport disruption

Information about disruption to school transport services will be available on our School transport page.

Information about schools during heavy snow

Snow may make it hard to get to a school but if pupils are able to get there, the school will make every effort to stay open.

The condition of the roads and pavements outside a school is not the school's responsibility. Roads are given a priority status to designate which ones should be salted (gritted) by the council's highways team first. This means local roads may not be salted until other routes have been done. More information about salting routes and frequently asked questions about gritting is available online.

It is perfectly reasonable for parents and staff to choose to clear snow from pathways in schools as long as they use sensible measures and equipment, such as use of salt, sand or manual clearing with shovels. Please see the advice on snow clearance before you do this.

Snow can also be an opportunity for play and exploration outside and so parents should ensure that pupils come suitably dressed for going outside during play/break times as well as during lesson times. Schools will keep children inside only if conditions are unpleasant or present an unacceptable risk.

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