Advice for businesses on preparing for winter

We have advice for businesses on preparing for flooding and on business continuity during any disruption including severe weather events. This includes a 10 minute checklist to help assess how prepared your business is.

Surrey County Council is a member of Surrey's Local Resilience Forum (SLRF), which co-ordinates the response of the county's emergency services and local authorities to major incidents.

What you should consider:

If you or your staff can't get to work due to heavy snow make arrangements so you and your staff can work from home or another location they can get to.

If your business has staff shortages due to illness, such as flu consider moving staff from less important roles so they can carry out your business-critical services

If you can't get to or into your premises due to a flood, storm damage, fire or a local evacuation consider identifying a back up location so your business doesn't have to shut. Make sure you can access documents and computer systems from your other location.

The Civil Contingencies Act (CCA) 2004 requires Surrey County Council to have business continuity arrangements in place to ensure that it can continue to provide its services in the event of any disruptions. The council must also provide advice to the wider community, including local businesses and the voluntary sector on preparing for emergencies. See our Emergency Planning pages for more information.

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