Volunteer for Trading Standards

Buckinghamshire and Surrey Trading Standards volunteer opportunities: Fight scams, help your community!

Looking to give back, gain experience, or try something new?

Buckinghamshire and Surrey Trading Standards needs volunteers for several exciting roles!

How you can help

  • Catch Underage Sales (Ages 14 to 16): Help stop stores from selling age-restricted products like vapes, alcohol, and tobacco to minors by making test purchases.
  • Stop Scams: Become a Scam Marshal! Collect scam mail you receive and send it (for free) to the National Trading Standards Scams Team. This helps them track down scammers and potentially use it as evidence.
  • Be a Mystery Shopper: Love browsing stores? This role is for you! Help us check products by buying specific items. There will be a small amount of paperwork involved.
  • Fight Scams Like a Champion: Become a Scam Champion! Educate your community by delivering talks or writing articles about scams and how to avoid them. Training is provided and we welcome your ideas!

Ready to apply?

Hear from our awesome volunteers!

People who volunteer with Buckinghamshire and Surrey Trading Standards love it! They meet new people, learn new things, and feel good about helping their community.

  • "I have lovely opportunities to meet different people from Housing Associations, Women's Institutes and a wide variety of friendship groups. Most of the time the group organiser is looking for a speaker and so is delighted to hear that someone can attend from Trading Standards and talk about scams."
  • "It's a great experience. Lovely to visit lots of Surrey businesses I may not usually have visited. I now look more closely at products with a different eye and pay more attention to the details."
  • "Being a Scam Champion gives me a chance to share my experiences and spread awareness to all sorts of groups and individuals. It also helps me to keep up to date on the latest trends.
  • "I get a buzz from contributing to defeat the scammers preying on the vulnerable. Feedback and thanks from those attending the sessions I run, make it all worthwhile. Trading Standards support is much appreciated."
  • "Volunteering gives me the opportunity to share my skills and knowledge whilst learning from others."

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