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Surrey County Council's Electric Invoicing Platform: Proactis

Proactis is our electronic invoicing solution. Proactis provides our suppliers with an easy to-use dashboard to control every aspect of the Procurement and Invoice Payment relationship.

  • Proactis is our Supplier Network, all that's required is Internet access and to register.
  • Proactis provides an easy-to-use dashboard to engage with us over Tenders, Contracts, Purchase Orders and Invoices.
  • Suppliers can review Purchase Orders and quickly turn them into an invoice which will automatically be sent to us to process.
  • Suppliers can check the status of invoices without having to contact us.
  • Suppliers will have control over their own information, with the ability to maintain directly.
  • Suppliers will become part of a wider Proactis Supplier Network where they can register interest in other business opportunities.

For any of our suppliers who are not currently sending invoices via Proactis but would be interested in submitting invoices electronically, please contact us by Email:

If you need assistance with uploading your invoices then please use this form to book a callback appointment.

MyHelpdesk Supplier Call Appointments

If you need to cancel or amend your booking please email

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