Strategies, policies, and legislation - Surrey Partnership Boards

Information on national laws and plans in Surrey for people with a learning disability and/or autism.

Learn about your human rights and how they keep you safe.

The Care Act 2015 changed some of the laws about adult social care. Watch this video by Surrey County Council explaining what the changes mean for Surrey.

Everyone in the UK has the same rights and freedoms. These are called human rights. The Equality and Human Rights Commission website has more information about human rights and how they protect us.

The law says that reasonable adjustments must be made for people with disabilities or health conditions, including mental health.

The government's website has information about reasonable adjustments at work. Reasonable adjustments must also be made in healthcare. Visit the NHS website to find out what reasonable adjustments can be made.

Information for carers - Surrey Partnership Boards

A family carer is usually, but not always, a parent who looks after their son or daughter with a learning disability at home. Family carers are not paid staff.

Many people with learning disabilities live with their families and get most of the support they need from them. We must remember that people with a learning disability can also be carers, looking after a friend or relative who needs support to be independent.

Short breaks from caring give families a chance to re-charge. Surrey County Council has information and useful links about short breaks for carers.

Mencap is a UK charity for people with a learning disability which provides support for their families and carers, too.

Carers UK helps people to look after friends or family members. It supports those new to caring, or people that need extra support to cope with the pressures of caring.

Action for Carers Surrey raises awareness of carers' needs and works with health and social care teams to support carers.

Accommodation with Care and Support strategy

This strategy looks at how Surrey is planning to increase the availability of independent supported living accommodation for people with a learning disability. This accommodation will enable individuals to be supported to live their life in the community.