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Web design principles

Our principles ensure our online services are easy to use, intuitive and focused on customer needs.

  1. Start with user needs.
  2. Ensure the most important user needs, tasks and content are prominent.
  3. Understand what users are doing from: good practice, usability testing, analytics, user behaviour.
  4. Do the hard work to make the user experience simple.
  5. Iterate, then iterate again – ensure that you user test and check it meets customer needs and behaviours.
  6. Follow web standards to ensure accessibility for all.
  7. Content must be relevant and up-to-date.  
  8. Put information where people are looking for it – do not assume that content should be delivered in the same manner online as offline, consider the channel choice and delivery method.
  9. Be consistent, not uniform.
  10. Make things open and reusable - share and look for opportunities to reuse good things that others
    have delivered.
  11. Ensure all core services are part of the domain and all other content and services are discussed with Web and Digital Services.