Shortcut URLs and domain names

Shortcut URLs

Shortcut URLs (such as provide a direct link to parts of our website.

If you would like a new shortcut URL to be set up, make sure the one you would like does not already exist. You can check on the current list of shortcut addresses.

Important: Contact Web and Digital Services to get a shortcut URL request approved before making public or putting on any printed materials.

Shortcut addresses need to meet the below standards before being created. The destination page needs to be published before a shortcut address can be set up.

Shortcut addresses should be meaningful, specific and follow the standards below:

  • All words in lower case
  • No acronyms
  • No special characters or spaces
  • It can contain numbers, but keep in mind that this can cause confusion. For example, without further clarification "5greatwalks" and "fivegreatwalks". sound the same when said aloud.
  • Use plain English in the briefest description possible eg:
  • Shortcuts can only link to the Surrey website ( and not to files or other websites

Our web content management system assigns unique ID numbers to all web pages, so it is possible to change a page title after a shortcut URL has been set up without breaking the shortcut link.

Domain names

No separate domain names are allowed except for partnership websites that have been fully approved by the Web and Digital Services Manager.

Domains will be retained by us for a minimum of three years, even when no longer needed. This is to reduce any risk of a third party taking advantage.

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