Web standard for adding meta descriptions to web pages and files

You must add a meta description to your web page or file in the metadata tab. You may also need to add a strapline to your web page in the meta data tab,

These are visible in search engines and will improve the ranking of your page in search results. They are also used by screen readers for the visually impaired.

Always review your description and strap line when reviewing your pages.

What is metadata?

Metadata is information about web pages, images, files and any other website content. The information is picked up and used by search engines, including our internal search engine.

A meta description should be:

  • meta description between 110 and 160 characters long, including spaces
  • reflect the content of the page/file and be different to the page title/file, and
  • no jargon, abbreviations and acronyms.

Adding or updating a meta description

You can add or update your page/file meta description by opening the page/file in Matrix, clicking on the metadata tab and editing the description field. Click the save button when done.

Why we have this web standard

This web standard ensures your page/file is accessible to all and reaches the widest possible audience.

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