Web browser support

Browser support principles

  • Our website and intranet visitors (partners) use a variety of web browsers and devices.
  • We should provide the best possible experience to the largest number of people.
  • Some visitors do not have the choice of using a popular, modern web browser.
  • Some people use accessibility tools - these people benefit greatly from web pages and web enabled systems which are standards compliant.
  • We should not provide any service, design a web enabled system or site which relies on any particular browser.

Supported browsers

Level 1

  • Chrome v.117
  • Chrome v.118
  • Chrome v.119
  • Chrome v.120
  • Chrome Mobile v.117
  • Chrome Mobile v.118
  • Chrome Mobile v.119
  • Chrome Mobile v.120
  • Edge v.117
  • Edge v.118
  • Edge v.119
  • Edge v.120
  • Mobile Safari v.17.1
  • Mobile Safari v.16.6
  • Safari v.16.6
  • Safari v.17.1

Level 2

  • Chrome Mobile v.121
  • Edge v.100
  • Firefox v.118
  • Mobile Safari v.17.2
  • Safari v.17.2

Level New

  • Chrome v.121
  • Chrome Mobile v.121
  • Edge v.121
  • Mobile Safari v.17.2
  • Safari v.17.2

Definition of support levels

Level 1

  • All content must be readable and usable and all functionality must work.
  • Variations to presentation of content must be minimised.
  • Where CSS layout is used, the CSS must be rendered by supported web browsers, so that a fully-styled version of the page is presented to the user.
  • Variations between browsers are inevitable. In these situations, when deciding which browsers should offer a better experience than other browsers (in other words, which would be the closest to the original design), you must base your decision on which outcome would maximise our browser support principles.
  • Pages should be developed to maximise the user experience for users of the web browser with the highest proportion of users unless this would greatly compromise our browser support principles.

Level 2

  • All core content must be readable and usable and navigation must work.
  • Any degradation to client-side application functionality must be graceful degradation.
  • Any degradation to presentation must not obscure content.
  • Where CSS layout is used, you may choose to provide an unstyled version of the page to a partially-supported browser.

Level New

  • These are newly released versions of level 1 browsers or versions which are likely to become popular due to market forces, such as those driven by the increasing popularity of hand held devices. Level New browsers are not supported, but are recorded for monitoring purposes.
  • Chrome auto updates without user intervention. We do not support the most recent, non-beta version, however it would be defined as Level New.


  • Any web browsers not included in levels 1 or 2 may be regarded as unsupported.
  • Alpha, beta and release candidate builds are not supported.

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