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Why your website feedback matters

Thank you for leaving feedback about our web pages

We always read your comments and we take action wherever possible.

How to leave a comment if you haven't already

If you would like to leave feedback about any page on our website, select the green 'Rate this page' button to the right of the screen on the web page you want to comment about and fill in the survey. It will return you to this page on completion.

Why we want your feedback

Your comments are invaluable to us, as they help us make the website work better for you.

We want to know if we're getting it right or could do better, or if there are specific area we must improve. Your selection of the number of stars help us find out which pages and online processes need to be more helpful.

Ratings for web pages - 5 stars = excellent, 4 stars = good, 3 stars = average, 2 stars = poor and 1 star = very poor

If you leave an average, poor or very poor rating, please let us know what went wrong:

  • What couldn’t you find?
  • What didn’t work?
  • Was the information incorrect?
  • Was it difficult to understand?
  • Something else went wrong?

We also welcome your suggestions, so if you think there’s information missing on the website, or if you have an idea that could make an online task easier to complete, please do tell us in the comments box. Thank you.