Working from home

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Things you should consider

  • Think about what agile working means for you and your team - what work is completed more effectively remotely?
  • How will you communicate effectively with your team and stakeholders? You may want to think about how everyone in the team knows where people are working – Transitioning out of lockdown guide can help with this.
  • With some people working remotely and some in the office, there is a likelihood that you'll be involved in hybrid meetingstraining is available to support this
  • Think about where you will locate yourself when working from home and how you plan your day – try to avoid slipping into bad habits!
  • Agile working is about focussing on outcomes rather than hours or locations which means that colleagues have greater flexibility in when they work and where they work – whether that be at home, in a workspace or a Public or Community space.

Technology and equipment

  • Depending on your role, you will be provided with an SCC laptop, hybrid or iPhone if required.
  • There is a range of technology which is available to support more flexible working and the ability to connect to the network in a variety of locations
  • SCC will not provide furniture or additional equipment (screen for example) to work from home – this was provided during the Covid lockdown to respond to the exceptional circumstance, but this has now ended.
  • Any equipment that was borrowed and subsequently becomes faulty or breaks, should be repaired and/or disposed of by the individual in possession of it and replaced themselves should they wish to continue to have that equipment.
  • If you feel that your home working environment isn't appropriate, you should discuss this with your line manager and complete a risk assessment. Advice and support is available, and you can self-refer to Occupational Health if necessary.
  • SCC provide digital solutions to enable you to work in an agile way – support on how to use these tools can be accessed on the Digital Skills Our Surrey page


  • Ensure that you consider your wellbeing when working from home – taking regular breaks, building a walk into your day and ensuring that you maintain a healthy work/life balance are all ways to do this.

Working considerately and securely

  • Be aware of your surroundings when working with personal data – ensure that others in the house cannot view your screen or overhear voice or video calls.
  • We all have a responsibility to protect the information we use in our work. This is particularly important where the information is sensitive or confidential.
  • When working from home you are responsible for ensuring that data is protected from risks inherent in working outside of the office.
  • Consider the security of your device when working from home