Walking training for schools

Teaching road and pedestrian safety at your school

Our new Feet First: Walking Training programme is aimed at children ages 7 to 8 years old (Year 3) and will be delivered by trained Walking Instructors employed by Surrey County Council.

The training course will provide pupils with road safety skills to better enable them to safely walk to and from school with their parents and carers and prepare them for independent travel. It will be taught through a combination of classroom and practical roadside sessions.

The training programme will consist of three areas:

  1. In school pre-training digital modules across 6 topics areas hosted via Agilisys
  2. On-site training led by trained Walking Instructors and in class lesson plans for teachers
  3. At home activities to complete with parents and carers

This training will cover the following learning topics:

  • The Green Cross Code
  • Road signs and pedestrian crossings
  • Recognising safer and unsafe places to cross
  • How to cross between parked cars
  • The benefits of active travel

This will be a paid for training course that should be available to book online from March 2022 onwards, with the first courses being available from June 2022. So, watch this space for more information.

The cost of the course will be per pupil and we will provide suggestions on how a school can fund this. Please find the course cost breakdown below:

  • Full cost per pupil: £6
  • Pupils receiving free school meals: £3

In the meantime, to register your interest in running Walking Training within your school please complete our online form:

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