Road safety theatre performance for schools

Children watching a presentation

Raising awareness of the risks of unsafe young pedestrian and driver behaviour and the effects it can have on others

The aim of our live and impactful road safety theatre performances is to make students aware of the of their responsibilities as drivers, think about the risk and consequences of failing to adopt safe behaviour as a pedestrian or young driver, and positively influence their attitudes and behaviour.

With emotive, engaging, and thought-provoking speakers, performers and videos these educational theatre productions bring home the message.

Streetwise (year 7)

Delivered in the Spring term, this production focused on the fact that the student audience is the transition year between primary and secondary school where many students have recently become independent travellers and as such have been identified as an age group of exploration and prone to risk taking, representing a peak in pedestrian casualties.

Box clever (year 11)

Delivered in the Autumn term, this production focuses on the fact that the student audience is seen as a year where students prepare for college, sixth form or work and are exposed to increased peer pressure and risk due to either being a new inexperienced driver of the passenger of one.

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