Reaccreditation of your school travel plan with Modeshift STARS

Task list and timeline for reaccreditation of your travel plan with Modeshift STARS

This page is for schools looking to get reaccredited on Modeshift STARS to a bronze level. The below timeline outlines the steps needed to reaccredit your school travel plan to bronze within a school term. (Additional amends are needed to a plan for reaccreditation above bronze level. Please either speak to the Safer Travel Team for guidance, or refer to Modeshift's accreditation checklist downloadable from the resources page on Modeshift STARS).

Step 1: Login to Modeshift STARS

To be completed across weeks 1 and 2.

Login to Modeshift STARS. If you can't remember your password, just click 'forgotten password' in the bottom right corner of the login screen.

Modeshift continue to add and update sections of the site, so review the 'introduction' and 'travel and transport' tabs making sure all fields are completed.

Modeshift have also made the 'Aims and Objectives' a compulsory section to complete. Your aim is what your ambition will be for creating the travel plan at your school, and the objectives should be structured using the SMART framework.

Top tip: Make sure you input or update where your pupils and staff are travelling in from. This can be included in the 'intro to your site' field or in the 'transportation links' field.

Step 2: Re-run your hands-up survey with pupils and staff

To distribute the survey across weeks 3 and 4. To input survey results across weeks 6 and 7.

Primary schools need an 80% response rate from pupils and 50% from staff to meet threshold. Secondary schools need a 70% response rate from pupils and 50% from staff to meet threshold.

After all pupils and staff have completed the survey using the survey link that you will send out across the school, make sure that the 'student travel modal shift' and 'staff travel modal shift' tabs are showing and show your survey data.

Top tip: Modeshift have made initiating and sending a survey out to your classroom teachers and staff easier. Just copy and paste the link under 'survey link' in the 'site tab'. Ask the classroom teachers to input all fields such as 'name of class', 'year group' and 'no. of students absent' and then input the hands-up data for the day they conducted the survey and click 'save' at the end. For staff, you'll be requesting them to select 'staff individual' and then completing and clicking save.

Step 3: Review your transport issues

To be completed across weeks 3 and 4.

Review your transport issues and make sure they're still current issues and haven't been resolved. If they have been resolved, click into the issue and change to resolved.

Step 4: Set 2 new targets

To be completed across weeks 6 and 7, or after the half term break.

Enter the results from your pupil and staff survey before setting your new targets.

For the next 12 months, you will need to set 2 new targets. These can be a mix of a modal shift target relevant to your pupil / staff survey, as well as a qualitative target for example, 'reducing the number of resident complaints about poor parent parking by x% over the next 12 months'.

You will need at least 1 modal shift target for the next year. These targets should also relate to your issues and you must have initiatives which support meeting these targets.

When inputting your 2 new targets, please state in the target description what the period is that you're setting the target within e.g. 1 January 2022 – 31 December 2022, and also when you think the target will be met by e.g. 1 June 2022.

Step 5: Review current initiatives and update

To be completed across weeks 8 and 9.

Remember, for bronze accreditation you need at least 10 completed travel initiatives, 5 completed supporting travel initiatives and at least 2 completed consultation initiatives. (Please refer to the Modeshift STARS Education Initiatives Guide which we can send to you if you need it).

Top tip: All initiatives can be backdated over the last 3 years and will still count. However, for new issues, you must have relevant initiatives which go to solve those issues.

For silver, gold, and platinum accreditation levels, please refer to Modeshift's 'accreditation checklist' document which we can send to you if you need it, or you can download from Modeshift STARS resources page under your login.

Step 6: Finish and email the Safer Travel Team to say you've completed the amends to your school travel plan

To be completed across weeks 10 and 11.

Once you've completed the above tasks, then please email to let us know that your plan is complete. We will then moderate the plan with our colleague in Auditing and provide feedback or sign off.

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