Requesting a change to speed limits

Reducing vehicle speeds can help to:

  • Reduce the likelihood and severity of collisions
  • Encourage more walking and cycling
  • Sustain local shops and businesses
  • Make communities more pleasant places to live

However, the desire for lower speeds has to be balanced against the need for reasonable journey times and the position of the road within the county council's Strategic Priority Network.

We aim to set speed limits that take the above factors into account and allow vehicles to travel at an appropriate speed for the main use of the road.

Our Setting local speed limits policy explains the procedure, including roles and responsibilities, when deciding whether to change a speed limit. The policy also provides advice and guidance on the factors and additional supporting measures that may be needed to successfully manage vehicle speeds.

How can I request a change to the speed limit?

You can report concern over speeding using the link below. Please be aware that requests for traffic calming measures, such as reductions in speed limits, are not emergencies and will need a thorough assessment by the council before any decision is made.

Report concern over speeding

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