Road safety outside schools

School road safety is a frequently expressed concern. At school drop off and pick up times the roads in the immediate vicinity of schools are especially busy. This often causes slower vehicle speeds and congestion, and can lead to frustration from motorists and residents.

We have developed a policy which describes the process we will use for investigating and responding to concerns about school road safety. Our aim is to reduce the risk of collisions and to make the road feel safer, to encourage more people to consider walking or cycling to and from school.

A school crossing patrol is one of the options that could be considered when investigating the safety issues outside a school. This is included within the policy described above.

After reading our road safety outside school policy below, if you wish to request a road safety outside school assessment, please use our online assessment request form.

Files available to download

  • Road Safety Outside Schools Policy (PDF)
    The purpose of this policy is to set out the process that will be used by Surrey County Council for investigating and responding to concerns about road safety outside schools.