Elmbridge major transport schemes

The Brooklands Business Park Accessibility Project

The Brooklands Business Park Accessibility Project has been completed. It is a scheme aimed at improving accessibility between the Brooklands Business Park, Weybridge railway station, and Weybridge town centre. The scheme is particularly aimed at improving travel choice and sustainable transport accessibility. It aims to make travel options more inclusive and help to reduce the reliance on travelling by car in the area. The scheme, developed in partnership with Elmbridge Borough Council, aims to support Brooklands as an attractive location for businesses to be based.

The following elements have been delivered through the project:

  • Provision of a cycling and walking route between the Brooklands Business Park, Weybridge Railway Station and towards Weybridge town centre.
  • Improving the pedestrian refuges in the vicinity of Weybridge Railway Station.
  • Changes at Weybridge Railway Station such as increasing cycle storage.
  • Improvements to and safeguarding access through private roads in Brooklands.
  • Providing better public bus facilities (shelters, real-time passenger information, raising kerbs and provision of clearway markings).
  • Improving wayfinding signage in the area to assist with navigation for those travelling on foot or by bike.

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