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Elmbridge major transport schemes

The Brooklands Business Park Accessibility Project

The Brooklands Business Park Accessibility Project is a scheme to improve accessibility between the Brooklands Business Park, Weybridge railway station, and Weybridge town centre. The scheme is particularly aimed at improving travel choice and sustainable transport accessibility. It will make travel options more inclusive and help to reduce the reliance on travelling by car in the area. The scheme, that is being developed in partnership with Elmbridge Borough Council, aims to support Brooklands as an attractive location for businesses to be based.

The following elements are being taken forward for inclusion in the project (subject to acquiring relevant permissions):

  • Provision of a cycling/walking route between the Brooklands Business Park, Weybridge Railway Station and towards Weybridge town centre. A map has been included below to show where the route is proposed.
  • Improving the pedestrian refuges and changes to improve road safety in the vicinity of Weybridge Railway Station.
  • Changes at Weybridge Railway Station to potentially increase cycle storage, provide bus real-time information screens to better integrate rail/bus travel, and improve the footway by the station entrance.
  • Seeking to make improvements to and safeguarding access through private roads in Brooklands.
  • Providing better public bus facilities (shelters, real-time passenger information, raising kerbs and provision of clearway markings).
  • Improving wayfinding signage in the area to assist with navigation for those travelling on foot or by bike.

How is the project being funded?

Surrey County Council submitted a bid for Local Growth Funding from the Enterprise M3 Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) to fund the majority of the project. The Business Case for £2,172,000 LEP funding has been approved. The total (full scope) project budget is £2,896,000 with the additional funding coming from local contribution.

Progress so far and next steps

Following the approval of the Business Case, we have been working to establish the legal agreements necessary for the project, including working with external landowners. We have also been carrying out detailed design work and construction of some project components started in late 2019 as detailed further below. The delivery of the project is currently scheduled up until March 2021, by which time there is a requirement for all LEP funding to be spent.

Improvements to the pedestrian refuges outside Weybridge Railway Station

Works to improve the pedestrian refuges outside Weybridge Station started in the second week of November 2019 and were completed before the end of 2019. The works are aimed at improving road safety and improving pedestrian facilities in this busy location. As well as widening/improving pedestrian refuges across Heath Road, the station entrance and Hanger Hill, two lanes were formally marked out on the approach to the junction from Hanger Hill.

Heath Road Pedestrian/Cycle Path

Immediately north of Weybridge Railway Station, we are planning to construct a shared pedestrian/cycle path along the western side of B374 Heath Road as far as Brooklands Lane. Detailed design work has been carried out and in mid-October, the tendering process to appoint a contractor started. The current plan is for construction to begin during February/March 2020.

Selected tree removal and ground clearance works proceeded detailed design in August 2019. Working with Elmbridge Borough Council, these works were completed using a specialist contractor. As well as providing necessary width for the pedestrian/cycle path to be built, the tree works have also removed dead wood reducing risk to all users of the road, and have given the existing trees more space to grow into maturity, by removing self-seeded trees that compete for the limited space. Works also included removing the undergrowth, which was primarily holly, which will allow light in to encourage regrowth of vegetation, benefitting a wider range of species. Where possible we have retained higher value specimen trees, in consultation with the Elmbridge Borough Council specialist. Where a retained tree is on the line of the path, sections of the path will be diverted behind the tree, or there will be localised narrowing of the path where appropriate.

Common Land Application

As the shared pedestrian/cycle path along Heath Road requires building a path on Weybridge Heath Common Land, it has been necessary to obtain consent from the Planning Inspectorate to carry out the works. An application was submitted in October 2017 and an Inspector was appointed to determine the decision of the application. Consent was awarded in July 2018 in accordance with the application. Below we have provided details of the Inspector's decision and the original Application documents submitted.

Cycle Track Order

Having undertaken consultation, we have made a Cycle Track Order to convert two sections of Public Footpath no. 23 Walton and Weybridge to cycle track. The cycle track will be recorded as having a width of 2m, leaving the remaining width of these sections of public footpath on the Definitive Map. In reality there will be no segregation between the cycle track and footpath. The sections that will be converted are shown across the two plans below:

The conversion to cycle track is needed to permit cyclists to use these sections of the scheme's route between the Brooklands Business Park and Weybridge Railway Station. The project will fund construction works to provide a high quality cycle route between the Business Park and Railway Station, including improved surfaces, lighting and signage. The Cycle Track Order has been made without any objections being raised. Although the Order has been made, the cycle track status will come into effect after the construction works have been completed, ensuring a high standard facility is provided for cyclists first. Below is the Notice advertised when the Order was made.

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