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The Brooklands Business Park Accessibility Project

The Brooklands Business Park Accessibility Project is a scheme to improve accessibility between the Brooklands Business Park, Weybridge railway station, and Weybridge town centre. The scheme is particularly aimed at improving travel choice and sustainable transport accessibility. It will make travel options more inclusive and help to reduce the reliance on travelling by car in the area. The scheme, that is being developed in partnership with Elmbridge Borough Council, aims to support Brooklands as an attractive location for businesses to be based.

The following elements are being taken forward for inclusion in the project (subject to acquiring relevant permissions):

  • Provision of a cycling/walking route between the Brooklands Business Park, Weybridge Railway Station and towards Weybridge town centre. A map has been included below to show where the route is proposed. It has been confirmed that the route will be extended along Sopwith Drive, up to the junction with the A245.
  • Improving the pedestrian refuges in the vicinity of Weybridge Railway Station.
  • Changes at Weybridge Railway Station such as potentially increasing cycle storage.
  • Seeking to make improvements to and safeguarding access through private roads in Brooklands.
  • Providing better public bus facilities (shelters, real-time passenger information, raising kerbs and provision of clearway markings).
  • Improving wayfinding signage in the area to assist with navigation for those travelling on foot or by bike.

How is the project being funded?

Surrey County Council submitted a bid for Local Growth Funding from the Enterprise M3 Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) to fund the majority of the project. The Business Case for £2,172,000 LEP funding has been approved. The total (full scope) project budget is £2,896,000 with the additional funding coming from local contribution.

Progress so far and next steps

The delivery of the project is currently scheduled up until March 2021. Phase 1 (see information lower down on this page) is majority completed and Phase 2 is now underway and well advanced.

Phase 2 – in progress

Pedestrian/cycle route between Weybridge Railway Station and the Brooklands Community Park and extension along Sopwith Drive

Phase 2 includes works to establish a formal pedestrian/cycle route between Weybridge Railway Station (Heath South car park) and the Brooklands Community Park. It has been decided that the route will also be extended along Sopwith Drive to the junction with the A245. A contractor (Colas) moved into the site on 26 May 2020 to construct a 3m wide bound path section between Seven Arches Approach and just beyond Seven Arches Bridge (south-west of Seven Arches Approach). This section has been completed apart from lighting installations and signs.

From 6 July 2020 a second contractor (Kier) started on site to complete the route from Seven Arches Bridge to the entrance of the Brooklands Community Park, and additionally along Sopwith Drive up to the junction with the A245. These works have been substantially completed. Outstanding works items include installation of line markings, signs and bollards.

Cycle Track Orders

In order to best guarantee into the future that cyclists can use the full route between the Brooklands Business Park and Weybridge Railway Station, we are making Cycle Track Orders to convert sections of public footpath to cycle track. Only part of the width public footpaths will be converted to cycle track leaving the remaining width as public footpath that is shown on the Definitive Map. In reality the full widths of the paths will be shared for both pedestrians and cyclists to use.

Having undertaken consultation, we have made one Cycle Track Order to convert two sections of Public Footpath 23 (Walton and Weybridge) to cycle track. Although the Order has been made, the cycle track status will come into effect after the construction works have been completed, ensuring a high standard facility is provided for cyclists first. A second Cycle Track Order is currently being considered to extend the length of cycle track along Public Footpath 23 further south across the River Wey and underneath Seven Arches Bridge. Further information will be provided when the process to make the Order is started.

Improvements to Footpaths 21 and 22 in Weybridge and their temporary closures

We are making improvements along the lengths of the Footpaths 21 and 22 in Weybridge and in order to ensure safe working areas whilst works are undertaken, an Order is being made to manage temporary closures along these routes. The extent of the routes are shown in the Plan below.

Footpaths 21 and 22 Temporary Closures Plan (PDF)

The works being undertaken are set to include resurfacing, siding out vegetation/material that has encroached the width, widening the hard surfacing, tree works, fencing and installation of lighting where it does not exist on the western arm of FP21. The full extent of the work will also depend on the outcome of a proposal to formalise the use of some of the arms of the paths for cycling. We are aware that many cycle journeys do take place on these paths, and we are looking to support this by introducing a formal Cycle Track Order, the statutory process for which will begin in November, if supported by Elected Members.

The closures will not be continuous but managed over a 6-month period between 12 October 2020 and 11 April 2021. This provides a window of time for us to close any lengths of path when it is necessary for safe working, but where safe to do so, we intend to keep routes open whenever possible. The Plan displayed above shows 4 path arms that centre on the crossing point E. We do not expect that there will be any more than 1 of the 4 arms closed at any one time. It is anticipated that length A-E will be most affected, but the route through the park would offer a nearby alternative. Very little work (if any) is planned between B to E. Given the high number of students that use the paths, generally we will try our best to avoid closures which impact on peak school travel times, particularly along D-E. We do not have specific dates for when work will take place: much of the work is quite specialised and several contractors will have to be involved.

When work is ongoing, we will provide signs/information on site to inform users of specific closures.

Brooklands Road pedestrian refuge by St George's Avenue

The pedestrian refuge on Brooklands Road by St George's Avenue has recently been widened to improve this informal crossing point used by pedestrians.

Phase 1 – majority complete

Improvements to the pedestrian refuges near Weybridge Railway Station

Works to improve the pedestrian refuges outside Weybridge Station were taken forward in November and December 2019. Refuges were widened/installed at three locations near the station: across Heath Road, across Hanger Hill, and across the entrance to the station (Station Approach/Old Heath Road). The works completed were taken forward to improve pedestrian provision and safety in this busy location outside the station.

Heath Road pedestrian/cycle path

Immediately north of Weybridge Railway Station, a shared pedestrian/cycle path has been constructed along the western side of B374 Heath Road as far as Brooklands Lane. This scheme provides a wide path, separated from traffic that both pedestrians and cyclists can use to improve sustainable travel options in the area as well as accessibility to and from Weybridge Station. The majority of the construction works have been completed.

As the shared pedestrian/cycle path along Heath Road required building a path on Weybridge Heath Common Land, it was necessary to obtain consent from the Planning Inspectorate to carry out the works. An application was submitted in October 2017 and an Inspector was appointed to determine the decision of the application. Consent was awarded in July 2018 in accordance with the application.

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