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Parking suspensions

Our traffic orders allow for on street parking bays to be suspended in order to so stop vehicles parking there as they would normally for certain reasons. These are typically to facilitate the safe flow of traffic, where works are being carried out on the carriageway or in a nearby building or to help with removals, weddings and funerals.

The charge for a suspension is £75 per bay, or per 6 metre length if the bay is not divided into individual spaces, for an initial period of up to three days, with a subsequent charge of £12 for each additional day required (per bay or 6 metres).

Please note that we can only suspend parking bays, such as time limited bays or permit parking bays, and we normally need to receive an application at least ten days before the suspension is required.

Only authorised vehicles are allowed to wait in suspended bays and only in connection with the reason that the bay has been suspended.


Waiver certificates are issued to allow vehicles to park where there are not normally permitted to do so. They are normally only issued so that vehicles can wait on single yellow lines or in parking bays for a specified reason, such as helping with removals, weddings and funerals or building works. Please note that waivers issued for use in parking bays cannot guarantee a particular space being available, but mean that the vehicle could be allowed to park in, for example, one of a number of permit bays in a road. If you want a specific bay to be clear, for example for a removal van to park in, you would need to arrange a parking suspension for that bay.

The charge for a waiver is £25 for up to three days with a subsequent charge of £6 for each additional day.

Waiver certificates can only be used in the vehicle for which they are issued and only while it is parked in connection with the specified activity. The vehicle must be moved if requested by a police officer or civil enforcement officer.

How to apply

To apply for a suspension or waiver, please select 'apply for a suspension or waiver' below that will take you to our Surrey Permit site.

  1. Create an account and log in.
  2. Choose the 'Permit Application – Purchase a permit' option
  3. On the Address Details page, check the 'Apply for a non zone related permit ie car park, suspension or waiver' box. Enter your address and select the Save and Continue button
  4. In the drop down list, under the Permit category heading, you will be able to choose the Suspension and Waivers option.

Apply for a suspension or waiver

The suspensions and waivers system is administered on our behalf by our contractor, NSL. If you have any queries, you can contact them by phone on 0330 175 5930 or by email to

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