Dial-a-Ride is a specialist door-to-door transport service which caters for people who are unable to make use of public transport services. Dial-a-Ride Transport typically caters for individuals who are; unable to access public transport due to health conditions or mobility difficulties; individuals who are geographically isolated and do not have access to the public transport network; individuals who may be considered "socially deprived" for example, Dial-a-Ride operators can provide minibus travel for people with low income.

Please check with your local Dial-a-Ride provider to see whether you are eligible to become a member of your local scheme. Dial-a-Ride provides transport for individuals who wish to attend medical appointments, social activities, shopping trips and in some instances, to places of employment or to other transport links to enable geographically isolated individuals to commute to work.

To access this service it will be necessary to become a member of your local Dial-a-Ride. Typically, members may be asked to pay an annual membership fee and have to pay a fare for each journey that they take.

Please contact your local Dial-a-Ride organisation for further information regarding how to become a member and for any information relating to fares and membership fees.

Dial-a-Ride services now cover most boroughs and districts in Surrey and are detailed below:

Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme (MiDAS) Training

Community Transport Operators also provide vehicles for group hire and also offer Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme (MiDAS) training for individuals/organisations that wish to transport individuals using minibuses.

The following operators provide MiDAS training:

  • East Surrey Rural Transport Partnership - 01883 701270 /email rtp@esrtp.org.uk
  • Elmbridge Dial-a-Ride - 01372 474944
  • Runnymede Dial-a-Ride - 01932 425050
  • Waverley Hoppa - 01428 681701 e-mail enquiries@hoppa.org.uk
  • Woking Community Transport (Bustler) - 01483 744800

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