Alterations to existing roads under S278 Highways Act 1980

Surrey County Council, as highway authority, is responsible for ensuring the safe alteration of existing roads required by developers to facilitate new developments.

Surrey County Council expects alterations of existing roads to:

  • be constructed to a satisfactory standard and
  • pay commuted sums where appropriate to provide for ongoing maintenance and
  • be complaint with Surrey County Council's S278 Guidance Pack

Any Agreement will be subject to full payment of all reasonable administration costs and commuted sums (as required under Surrey County Council's Commuted Sum Policy).

Mini S278

The mini S278 process should be followed for minor works (excluding standard vehicle crossovers) that do not require the addition of new highway land. See Mini S278 Guidance Pack.

Full S278

The full S278 process should be followed for larger works or those that require the addition of new highway land. See S278 Guidance Pack.

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