Minerals and Waste Statement of Community Involvement

The Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) sets out how the council will involve the local community and interested parties in our work. This covers:

  1. Preparing the minerals and waste plans for Surrey.
  2. Determining planning applications for minerals, waste and Surrey County Council developments (such as new school buildings).

The SCI was agreed by the County Council in October 2019.

Please note: In 2021 the government announced new consultation timescales for certain planning applications. These are known as Public Service Infrastructure (PSI) developments and for us will only cover major education related schemes. To speed up their determination there are reduced timescale for commenting on applications. The consultation period on PSI applications will be 18 days, instead of 21, for both the public to make representations and statutory/non-statutory consultees. The SCI is in the process of being reviewed and will be updated to include this different timescale in due course.

Files available to download

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