Surrey Infrastructure Study

Sustainable growth needs to be supported by infrastructure. Roads, schools, community and leisure facilities, healthcare and green space are essential for well-functioning, well-connected places and healthy communities and vital if we are to retain existing businesses and attract new ones.

The updated Surrey Infrastructure Study indicates that delivering the necessary infrastructure to support growth planned in Surrey to 2031 is estimated to cost at least £5.51 billion with only £3.04 billion of potential funding identified.

The study was prepared on behalf of the county council and the eleven borough and district councils in Surrey. Each of the boroughs and districts has an existing or emerging local plan that sets out the planned development across its area and the infrastructure needed to support it in the short to medium term. The updated study brings these plans together to provide a 'snap-shot' reflecting the position as at June 2017 and presents an overview of growth and infrastructure at the strategic level across Surrey and to highlight to government, infrastructure providers, developers, local communities and businesses the scale of investment required.

A wide range of stakeholders were engaged to inform the study including county and district council service providers, transport operators, utility companies, higher education providers, Clinical Commissioning Groups, the Environment Agency, Surrey Nature Partnership and the Coast to Capital and Enterprise M3 Local Economic Partnerships.

The study is part of the evidence base for the Surrey Local Strategic Statement 2016–2031.

The study is available to download below.

Files available to download