Surrey 2050 Place Ambition

In July 2019, the Surrey Future Steering Board launched "Surrey's 2050 Place Ambition" to facilitate good growth which:

  • is proportionate and sustainable, focusing on the places where people bothLink to a map of the Surrey Place Ambition, which encompasses the agreed shared vision and set of strategic priorities that partners are working towards. The map shows a range of transport infrastructure improvements to be delivered throughout the strategy's lifespan up to 2050 as well as five new community settlements. In addition, the larger strategic opportunity areas act as the focus for increased infrastructure delivery, such as housing. live and work;
  • supports overall improvements to the health and well-being of our residents;
  • is supported by the necessary infrastructure investment - including green infrastructure;
  • delivers high quality design in our buildings and public realm;
  • increases resilience and flexibility in the local economy;
  • builds resilience to the impacts of climate change and flooding;
  • is planned and delivered at a local level while recognising that this will inevitably extend at times across administrative boundaries.

Select the image on the right to view a larger version of the Surrey 2050 Place Ambition map.

The Surrey 2050 Place Ambition recognises the value of local engagement and builds on existing aspirations and actions that partners are working towards.

The strategy is currently undergoing a refresh and an Implementation Framework is being prepared. The consultation on the Surrey Place Ambition Version 2 is now live, running until 4 March 2022. Please visit our Place Ambition webpage where you can download the documents and respond to our online survey.

As part of the process to produce an Implementation Framework for the Place Ambition six roundtable discussions were held between December 2019 and January 2020 to explore some of the key themes of the Place Ambition, with experts in each of the fields invited to contribute. The themes for the roundtable discussions were:

  • Building Resilience to Climate Change and Increasing our Natural Capital
  • Future Mobility and Delivering Infrastructure
  • Building our Future Workforce and Increasing Productivity
  • The Future of Urban Areas & the Impact of Digital Technology
  • Supporting Healthy Places and Changing Demographics
  • Specialist roundtable session seeking the views and priorities of young people in Surrey

Please email should you wish to view a copy of the notes of the roundtable discussions.

Surrey Development Forum

The inaugural meeting of the Surrey Development Forum took place in October 2020, bringing together key stakeholders including the county council, districts, boroughs and developers to identify and address strategic issues, share best practice and to facilitate collaborative, creative thinking to achieve sustainable growth in Surrey for the benefit of the current and future communities. The Forum builds on existing collaborations and partnerships and brings together councils and developers early to discuss these issues constructively and on a non-site specific, county wide basis.

The Forum will consider critical issues facing the Surrey area over the next 30 years ranging from access to transport and water supply, through to building beautiful, the natural environment and climate change. Participation in the Forum is voluntary, and discussions in the Forum are open to allow a wide range of views to be expressed.