Your Fund Surrey - privacy notice


  • Name of Service - Community Partnership & Engagement
  • Directorate - Transformation, Partnership & Prosperity
  • Date of Issue: 1 March 2021
  • Date of current version - 7 July 2021
  • Review Date: 7 July 2024


The reasons why we use your personal data

This privacy notice applies to the functions of the Your Fund Surrey team on behalf of the Community and Partnerships Service for the Council.

Our commitment is to engage and empower community-led place-making projects by being open, transparent, and accountable in our assessment and granting of funds.

To enable local Communities to spend up to £100m over the next five years on projects to improve their local area.

To engage and empowering communities to contribute ideas by:

  • Connecting - residents and community groups to build ideas
  • Stimulating - local engagement and involvement
  • Providing - the financial backing for community-led projects
  • Delivering - benefits that match local need
  • Building - local resilience and sustainability by helping people help themselves

To ensure submissions via the applications, assessment and approval process meet the criteria* and prove to deliver positive benefit for local people.

* As grant funding is paid from public funds, which are subject to scrutiny, the process at all stages involved will incorporate research and statistical analysis, auditing and evaluation on the use of funds.

What processing of personal data is undertaken by the team?

In order to carry out our activities and obligations your personal data in conjunction with the information about your organisation is being used as follows:

  • Logging or liking an idea on the Commonplace map

We invite individuals, groups, and organisations to pin their ideas on the Commonplace map, where they can also subscribe to receive automatic notifications when news items are published on the website.

Once registered on Commonplace you can unsubscribe, or change your preferences at any time, by logging on to the site.

Verification of the person logging or liking an idea and to enable the Your Fund Surrey team to monitor the diversity of engagement with the fund.

Attending a Q&A session or "1-2-1"

When booking onto a Q&A session or "1-2-1" attendance data and information, including expressions and opinions, will be collected via feedback surveys from people who have signed up for a session as part of service improvement.

Ideas submission application

At the first stage of the application process, information is obtained from individuals, groups and organisations who have registered on the application portal to apply for funding using the online application form. By logging onto the portal applicants can change their details or close their account at any time.

Partnership working

Communication with members of the Your Fund Surrey Expert panel and the Advisory panel including representatives from external organisations. These organisations include (but are not limited to) District/Borough Councils, Community Foundation for Surrey, and Active Surrey. We contact them to add expert advice, challenge applications and to inform new policy and practice in relation to the specific subject area.

Potential grant applicants and other interested parties may wish to contact you about your project. We will never pass on your contact details to these people without seeking your consent first.

Assessment and Granting of funding

As part of the financial assessment and approval process, potential successful applicants data will be subject to verification processes, anti-fraud checks, credit referencing and also in accordance with our legal obligations.

Use and granting of public funds will be subject to scrutiny and include the following

  • Auditing
  • Research and Statistical analysis (at an anonymised level) including fund evaluation
  • Equal opportunity monitoring
  • Residents who contact the Your Fund Surrey team to ask a question, or discuss their project idea, may have their contact details kept by the team in order to contact them on their idea or application.

What Information do we collect?

We collect this personal data at each of the following stages:

  • Logging or liking an idea on the Commonplace map
  • Attending a Q&A session or "1-2-1"

We collect the following personal data for the Ideas submission application:

  • Name
  • Age group
  • Address and contact details
  • Location
  • Link to the county (i.e. resident)
  • Gender
  • Disability
  • Ethnicity Membership of an organisation
  • Employment status

We collect the following personal data including related organisation information as part of the assessment, approval and granting of funding process:

  • Name
  • Age group
  • Address and contact details
  • Location
  • Link to the county (i.e. resident)
  • Gender
  • Disability,
  • Ethnicity
  • Membership of an organisation
  • Employment status
  • Expert opinions and expressions
  • Contractor/sub contractor details
  • Financial information
  • Employment details


All personal data mentioned above and held by Your Fund on the individual and related to their organisation may be assessed.

Research and Statistical analysis including fund evaluation (reported at an anonymised level).

How we are allowed to use your personal data?

For some activities we have a legal obligation or can act under a public interest task under various UK legislation. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Local Government Act
  • Localism Act 2011
  • Crime and Disorder Act 1998
  • Welfare Reform Act 2012
  • Health and Safety at Work Act
  • Equalities Act 2010

We also use data where necessary for contract with the individual.


To process your personal data, we will explain to you what we are asking you to agree to and why. If we have consent to use your personal data, you have the right to remove it at any time. If you want to remove your consent, please contact us at the following email address:

Who we share your personal data with

We may share your data in order to respond to an enquiry or issue you have raised with us with the following:

  • Councillors and other departments within the county council
  • Providers including internal and external experts such as representatives from the District and Borough Councils (if associated with the proposal)
  • Active Surrey
  • Community Foundation for Surrey

We may share your personal and related organisational data as part of the assessment and approval of your application to the National Anti-Fraud Network, credit reference and other selected agencies.

Retention of data

Data will be retained for between 6-12 years. The minimum term will be for unsuccessful applications, or those who did not progress to the application stage to include the 5-year duration of the fund followed by 1 year for the purposes of evaluation.

The retention of data for successful applicants' will be dependent on the funding terms up to a maximum of 12 years.

The minimum standards for data retention are detailed in the SCC countywide data retention schedule.

Other information

For further information on our privacy notices, please see information and privacy.

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