Payroll and Employee Services - Privacy Notice


  • Name of service - Payroll and Employee Services
  • Directorate - Corporate Resources
  • Date of issue - 1 May 2018
  • Date of current version - 1 July 2021
  • Review date - 1 July 2024


The reasons why we use your personal data

Purpose / function of the service

This privacy notice applies to the functions of the Employee Services and Payroll that incorporates/carries out:

  • Payroll Processing
  • Real Time Information (RTI) submissions to Her Majesty Revenue and Customs (HMRC)
  • Updating and loading to the e-pay system
  • 3rd Party enquiries
  • Monthly reporting

What processing of personal data is undertaken by Employee Services and Payroll

Your personal data is collated for the purposes of Payroll Processing in order to carry out our statutory responsibilities under the different legislative frameworks, provide services and establish good business practices. In addition, we collect your personal data for the following:

  • Service delivery
  • Service improvement and planning
  • Prevention and detection of crime/fraud
  • Research
  • Statistical analysis and reporting
  • Safeguarding
  • Vital Interests

What information do we collect?

We collect the following categories of personal data:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Salary and pay data
  • Bank details
  • National Insurance (NI) number
  • Absence Data
  • Tax and National Insurance year to date data

How we are allowed to use your personal data

Legal obligation or public task under various UK legislation including but not limited to:

  • Her Majesty Revenue and Customs (HMRC) compliance
  • Pensions regulations
  • By consent
  • Necessary for contract with the individual
  • Necessary for compliance - legal obligation
  • Obligations under employment, social security or social protection law, or a collective agreement


To process your personal data, we will explain to you what we are asking you to agree to and why. If we have consent to use your personal data, you have the right to remove it at any time. If you want to remove your consent, please contact us at the following email address and we will deal with your request.

Who we share your personal data with:

  • Her Majesty Revenue and Customs (HMRC)
  • Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS)
  • Teachers Pensions
  • Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)
  • Department for Education (DfE)
  • Benefits provider
  • Electronic payment solution

Automated decision making (when computers make any decisions about you)

Not applicable.

Personal data being sent or processed outside of the UK and EU

Not applicable

Retention of data

We often keep your information for audit purposes, legal reasons and best practice records management guidelines. There are set periods of time for keeping information which we incorporate where applicable as part of our Records Management Policy and Retention Schedules. This ranges from months for some records to decades for more sensitive records.

Other information

For further information on our privacy notices, please see information and privacy.

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