Direct payments and prepaid accounts - Privacy Notice


  • Name of service - Direct Payments and Prepaid Accounts
  • Directorate - Adult Social Care
  • Date of issue - 27 June 2019
  • Date of current version - 3 February 2023
  • Review date - 3 February 2025

The reasons why we use your personal data

This privacy notice is one of a collection that apply to the processing of personal data for the purpose of meeting our statutory responsibilities under the Care Act 2014 and supporting legislation.

This notice focuses on the information used to provide and manage Direct Payments and Prepaid accounts in line with our statutory responsibilities under the Care and Support (Direct Payments) Regulations 2014.

What processing of personal data is undertaken by the team

We use personal data for a number of purposes depending on the amount of support or account management you are receiving from us:

  • Make funds available to meet assessed eligible support needs via a Direct Payment where appropriate
  • Provide you with information and advice regarding your Direct Payment
  • Monitor Direct Payments and Prepaid accounts as set out in the Direct Payment Agreement
  • Talk to and instruct, where required, Prepaid Card and Account providers, payroll companies and other 3rd party providers required for the delivery of Direct Payments and Prepaid accounts. This will include, for example, employer liability insurance companies and bank account details for Personal Assistants where appropriate.
  • Ensure as and where appropriate that the required functions of an employer are being carried out
  • Set up a Prepaid Account with a 3rd party provider where appropriate
  • Refer for Direct Payment support services, including advice on employing personal assistants
  • Manage the Direct Payment Pre-Paid Account and pay for services on your behalf
  • Liaise with and query issues with support service providers where necessary in relation to Prepaid Accounts and services provided
  • Prevent and detect fraud where necessary in line with legal requirements for the administration of public funds

What information do we collect?

The type and amount of information that we hold will depend on the nature of your direct payment and how it is managed. All of our direct payment services are subject to terms and conditions providing specific details on your agreement with us and will further inform you of the process and information relevant to you.

The information we may hold may include:

  • Copies of the transactions on your Prepaid Account or Surrey Supported Prepaid Account.
  • Where Surrey County Council manages your Direct Payment, information about your provider, nature and cost of your services that are being paid for.
  • Where a payroll company is used we may have details of relevant payments made to employees and their retails, such as their name, address, bank account.
  • Information about people that you nominate to support you to manage your Direct Payment, such as their name, address and relationship to you. This will also be the case if you have a Lasting Power of Attorney or Deputy who represents you.
  • We may access information about your Support Plan and Financial Assessment as part of the Direct Payment processes where it is necessary and you give us permission to do so through the signed terms and conditions of the agreement.

How we are allowed to use your personal data

We collect and use your personal data to meet our legal obligations under various pieces of legislation including but not limited to the Care Act 2014 Care and Support (Direct Payments) Regulations 2014.

For more detail on any aspect of the use of your information under for Direct Payments of Prepaid Accounts, please see your copy of your signed agreement in the first instance.

If you have further queries please contact the Adults Information Governance team at or 01483 517679

Who we share your personal data with

Whilst we always prioritise and respect the privacy of everyone involved with our services there may be times under the law, when we must share information. This will include:

  • If there is a concern you are putting yourself, or another person (or child) at risk of serious harm.
  • Where we have been instructed to do so by the Court or as part of the investigation of a serious crime.
  • Information about your account needs to be used to prevent and detect fraud.


We will not share your information with your friends and family in respect of your direct payments of prepaid accounts unless you instruct us to do so.

Retention of data

We keep your information based on legal and best practice requirements. You can access our records retention policy online.

Other information

For further information on our privacy notices, please see information and privacy.

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