What do you do if you experience discrimination or unfair practices

If you experience discrimination or unfair practices while working with us, using our services, or living or working in our communities, we want to know.

We want to ensure your experience is recorded and that the incident is resolved.

Complaints from the public regarding our services and equality and diversity issues are dealt with by the relevant Head of Service. The relevant Service equality staff monitors them and oversees the outcome.

If you are a service user or work or live in Surrey then you should use the complaints procedure. Your complaint will be taken seriously and we will take action where our policies have been breached. Policy breaches by employees will be treated as a serious offence, and may lead to disciplinary action, in accordance with agreed procedures.

If you are an employee you should, in the first instance, speak to your manager or appropriate individual to resolve the matter informally or use our Fairness and Dignity at Work procedure on SCC Info.

Our Fairness and Dignity at Work Policy is a way for Surrey County Council employees to resolve alleged cases of harassment, discrimination or victimisation. Human resources staff, investigators and support workers have received training to support this process.

Contact us: We welcome any feedback, comments and suggestions on our equality and diversity policy and scheme that you would like to share please call our contact centre (03456 009 009) and staff will connect you to the best person to talk to.

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