Data strategy

Data is a key enabler to delivering our organisational objectives. We aspire to use data to power our processes and support our digital transformation, facilitate better and more robust decision making, and to build trust with our residents. The data strategy sets out our ambitions for how we will use data in the council and the practical actions that we will take to achieve these ambitions over the next few years. These actions are organised into three areas of focus:

Building the foundations

Putting in place the foundations (governance, policies, processes, and systems) so that we can fully exploit all our data.

Developing new approaches to insight

To show how insight can be used to deliver the outcomes that the organisation wants to see.

Building the skills and knowledge of our workforce

To build skills and understanding at all levels of the organisation, so that staff are confident in managing, analysing, and interpreting data. To drive cultural changes in how we collaborate and share data across council services and with partners.

The Data Strategy was approved by the Council's Cabinet in February 2022.

Files available to download

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