Career Progression and development

Coaching and mentoring

This internal workplace programme supports staff development and creates a culture of shared learning. The scheme is available to all staff within Children, Families and Lifelong Learning (CFLL) who have a learning/development need or goal which is children's social care specific.

Our pool of passionate and dedicated coaches and mentors have a wide range of social care skills, knowledge and experience to help you to learn and develop in your social care career!

What our mentees said about the coaching and mentoring scheme

The mentoring programme has made me realise I can go beyond my comfort zone with the right level of support and coaching. The support around career planning, finding a career path, looking at the long-term and trying other opportunities was immense and beneficial. I was encouraged to apply for jobs that under normal circumstances I would not have even attempted going for those roles.

Progression panel

There are significant opportunities for career progression across all our teams within Surrey.

Social Workers looking become Senior Social Workers can apply to progress through the Social Work Progression Panel which is held every 6 weeks. The first step in the process is to gain the support of your line manager. Once this has been established, you will produce a portfolio of evidence to discuss at a progression panel and submit this with your application. If the application has met the requirements, you will be invited to attend panel to present your portfolio and answer some questions. The questions will be shared with you in advance of the panel to help you prepare.

We will invest in you and support you to become the best you can be. This will help you, and us, deliver outstanding service for our children and their families.

Here's what Social Workers said about the progression panel

Emily Dabin, Senior Social Worker (for children in need of support and protection) tells us a bit about her experience and progression journey as she moved from Social Worker into a Senior Social Worker post.

The process from Social Worker to Senior Social Worker was straightforward and accommodated for those of us who may perform better in written work than formal interview. I was wholly supported by my team manager both in encouraging me to apply for the progression but they also committed themselves to complete their part of the portfolio too. Being a Social Worker is a busy and demanding role so it is nice to work for a local authority that supports career progression and recognises their workers' experience and skills.

Emily Dabin, Senior Social Worker

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