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Post Qualifying Year 2 (PQ2)

We recognise the transition following the ASYE brings its own set of learning and development needs. As such in 2022 to 2023 we piloted a small programme of activity, from which we further developed our offer in PQ2 implementing this in January 2024. The aims of our programme are;

  • To further promote the development of social workers in their early careers, by continuing a level of dedicated support after ASYE into Post Qualifying year 2 (PQ2).
  • To enable staff who have received a high level of support to complete their ASYE, to transition into their second year in post qualifying practice, offering support as work becomes greater in volume and complexity and to enable best practice for children, young people and families.
  • To enable equitable support to be offered to all social workers in their post ASYE year in Children's Services.
  • For line managers to have clarity on their responsibilities for enabling social workers in their PQ2 to undertake the development needed, through a fixed programme of activities that the social worker should have cover and/or reduced workload to be able to attend.
  • To build towards the Early Career Framework (ECF) set out by the social care review; Stable Homes, Built on Love Department for Education (DfE) 2023. Indications from the DfE are that the initial period for all newly qualified social workers will be extended to two years with an offer of further training and development for another three years.
  • To support the retention of staff and reduce turnover of social workers for children, young people and families.

2023 to 2024 PQ2 programme

One day per month protected development time for PQ2 social workers enabling monthly group meetings supported by an ASYE Assessor, a Buddy Down programme (with NQSW completing ASYE in year below), or participation in developing learning content for new NQSW cohort and a Buddy Up Programme for staff to access to one to one support around specific pieces of work that might be new to them in PQ2. Ongoing access to academy support in this year is recognised as valuable.

In addition to the one day of protected development time mentioned above, the programme would also offer:

A six month 'reunion and career development' event providing an opportunity to reflect and think forwards about career progression options, to explore pathways to Senior Social Worker roles and agree actions professional development ongoing.

The programme will be evaluated in Autumn 2024 to inform next steps.

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