Are you a Social Work Student - Surrey Children's Services Academy

We work in partnership with a number of Universities, supporting different training pathways to social work qualification. Within Surrey Children's Services we run a degree apprenticeship scheme for internal staff.

We also support external university students by offering first and final placements within a variety of children's teams. For students on final placements with us in the Spring, we hold a recruitment information session outlining our ASYE programme.

We hope you will apply to join us in the Autumn as Newly Qualified Social Workers!

Student placement programme

Our student placement programme is designed to support you to gain valuable learning opportunities working with children, young people and their families. Whatever your experience prior to placement, whether you are completing your first or final placement with us, our goal is to provide you with the support and guidance you need to adapt, learn and develop and to help you evidence meeting the required standards for student assessment.


Our student coordinator will work together with your university placement coordinator to identify a developmentally appropriate match within a team in Surrey Children's Services. These vary across the spectrum of support for children, young people and families, from early help to targeted/intensive support and through to statutory interventions. Please note, due to the complexities of organising placements, students are unable organise their own placement in Surrey Children's Services. Due to the large geographical area across which services are delivered within Surrey, all students are required to hold a valid United Kingdom Driving licence.


During your placement, you will be assessed by one of our qualified Practice Educators (PE) who is a registered Social Worker with Social Work England. With guidance, you will produce evidence of your learning and your PE will undertake a holistic assessment using the domains of the Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF) and for final placements, have some consideration of the Post Qualifying Standards in Child and Family Social work (these are known as the Knowledge and Skills Statements (KSS) for child and family practitioners). Your Practice Educator, Onsite Supervisor and University tutor will work together with you and provide regular feedback to support progression during your placement.

Practice Educators (PE)

Our Practice Educators (PE) are committed to student development and enabling you to learn and grow throughout your placement. Your PE will support you to link theory to your practice and understand the relevant legislation, agency policies and procedures. They will also encourage you to consider the emotional impact of your work, support you to reflect on your practice, provide feedback, identify strengths and areas for development, and develop action plans.

Your Practice Educator may be onsite and based in the same team as you, or offsite and based in another team, or working independently. If an offsite PE is used you will also be allocated an Onsite Supervisor (OSS) who will work closely with your PE to ensure a holistic and joined up approach to your placement. The PE may at times be a Surrey member of staff undertaking their Practice Educator qualification and as such would be supported in their learning journey by an experienced Practice Assessor.


All students will receive weekly supervision from a qualified social worker during their placement.

If you are supported by an offsite Practice Educator and Onsite Supervisor (OSS), supervision will alternate with the Practice Educator providing supervision more focused on teaching and learning activities and the Supervisor guiding your day to day work and decision making.

Additional support for student social workers

Support groups

Offsite Practice Educators working within the Children's Academy, run a monthly student group which provides a reflective space for learning and support for students in different placements across the county. When you join a placement team within Surrey Children's, your attendance at the group is expected and will support you in gathering evidence for your portfolio.

Student SharePoint

We have a dedicated SharePoint page for social work students in Surrey Children's Services, with resources for whilst you are on placement. We want to develop this page even further and welcome any ideas from students when they are with us!

New and Developing Social Workers library

We have a variety of books that cover a wide range of areas and themes in social work. Whilst on placement with us, students have access to the library to support learning.

Online learning platforms

Our three learning platforms; Research in Practice, Care Knowledge and Community Care inform, will give you access to a wide range of publications, podcasts, webinars, blogs and policy updates to support learning and development and activities you can complete as evidence within your portfolio.

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