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Think about feeling good, staying fit, being brave, and living a happy life.

Be part of your local area. Use shops, libraries, and sports places near you. Make friends with people around you and use your skills to help them.

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Sexuality and relationships

People with a learning disability and autistic people have sexual rights.

They should be free to express their sexuality and have safe, happy relationships.

People need support and information to explore their sexuality, we hope the information below will help.

Mencap have shared their vision about sexuality and relationships for people with a learning disability. This is also in easy read.

Mencap have put together some resources on relationships and sex education for people with a learning disability for professionals, carers and families. This includes easy reads and video guides 'You Being You' and Pronouns.

Supported Loving is a national network that promotes good practice for people with learning disabilities and autistic people to get the support they need to enjoy the same sexual and romantic freedoms as everyone else.

There are many resources, links to useful organisations and a Supported Loving toolkit with guides on a range of subjects including aids and equipment, capacity to engage in sexual relationships, online dating and staying safe in relationships.

There is a support loving network that includes people with learning disabilities, autistic people, family members and professionals that developed the toolkit. have easy read resources and videos in sections on Sex and Relationships as well as Sexual Health.

Supporting Autistic Adults' Intimate Lives (SAAIL) is a sex-positive research project that aims to explore and represent autistic adults' intimate lives in positive ways.

There are toolkits being developed for autistic adults and professionals that include a range of subjects including being autistic and queer, an autistic guide to healthy relationships, online autism and intimacy resources and managing rejection.

Sexual Health

There are three Sexual Health Clinics in Surrey for adults that can help and support people to stay safe when having sex.

The clinics have friendly staff who will listen and treat you with respect. They can offer you advice and support if you think you are ready to have sex. They can help you if you have had sex and are worried about an infection or pregnancy.

There are clinics in Woking, Guildford and Redhill.

Telephone: 01483 675 389

You can find out about opening times for these clinics on the NHS website as well as an easy read leaflet with more information and advice on preparing for an appointment.

There is more information about sexual health and services on the Healthy Surrey website.

The Community Teams for people with Learning Disabilities (CTPLD) in Surrey offer sex and relationship education to people with learning disabilities. Some people struggle to understand appropriate sexual behaviour, how to stay safe and healthy in a relationship, boundaries, and consent. The CTPLD can support with education through social stories, easy reads, and workbooks.

Staff training is also available: supporting people with learning disabilities around sex and relationships, sex and the law and how to support with safe masturbation.


People with a learning disability and autistic people have an equal right to vote. It is very important that everyone who can vote, does vote. This is the best way for most people to have a say in how the country is run.

My Vote My Voice is a campaign that encourages people with a learning disability and autistic people to use their vote.

Their easy read information includes:

  • How to register to vote
  • Vote ID and how to apply for the Voter ID Certificate
  • How to register for postal voting
  • How to vote by proxy
  • Practice ballot paper
  • Voting passport
  • Information about political parties

There is also information about how to support people to engage in politics and support them to vote.

UK Parliament week (18 to 24 November 2024) also has some great easy read resources including:

  • How vote in a general election
  • How to visit UK Parliament
  • How to tell UK Parliament what you think
  • How laws are made

We have developed an easy read poster about How to Vote in person (PDF).


Many of the libraries in Surrey have a virtual tour online as well as photos and floorplans so you can see what to expect before you visit.

Each library has its own webpage where you can find out what is available there, opening hours and more.

There are many things that you can do at libraries including:

  • Borrow books including audio books
  • Apply for a bus pass
  • Free WiFi
  • Borrow health and activity trackers (Camberley, Ewell, Guildford, Staines, Walton)
  • Clubs
  • Computers
  • Digital buddies
  • Exhibitions
  • Volunteering
  • Beyond Word Book Clubs (Epsom and Farnham)
  • Bag Books

Banstead library have a magic table that is free to use. This is a special interactive projector that is great fun. Contact Banstead library to book a session.

Super Access - some libraries are open longer hours so people can use them in the evenings and early morning.


Volunteering is a good way to learn new skills and use your time to help other people. Some people volunteer to get experience which they can use to find a job.

Volunteering can be for just a few hours every month, or it can be more such as volunteering for a few days every week.

We have a list of volunteering websites in Surrey.

You can find out what support may be available to help you to get a job on our Support to live independently web page.

Exercise and leisure

Doing sport and activities you enjoy is important for staying healthy and making friends.

You can use Connect to Support Surrey to search for sport and exercise groups in Surrey.

Active Surrey has information about doing exercise if you have a disability and/or health condition.

Surrey Adult Learning

Calum and Dom explain what they like about going to Surrey Adult Learning.

Surrey Adult Learning offers courses for adults with learning disabilities the opportunity to develop independent living skills in a collaborative and creative environment.

Adult learning centres in Camberley, Farnham, Guildford, Molesey, Sunbury and Woking offer a wide range of courses from cookery and dance to photography and yoga.

You can find out more about Supported Learning courses by contacting the Supported Learning Team:

As well as supported learning courses, Surrey Adult Learning offer a huge range of courses that are open to all.

Surrey outdoor learning and development

Surrey Outdoor Learning and Development (SOLD) offer outdoor adventures and learning experiences at their centres in Surrey.

They also have an accessible canal boat moored in Guildford. The Angel Blue is a wide-beam craft and was purpose-built to enable wheelchair users to undertake voyages on the canal ways. The boat is boarded via ramp and lift access and the specially widened passageway offers easy access to all parts of the craft. Take a virtual tour of Angel Blue facilities.

To get in touch, please contact:

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