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July 2017 winners of the Tower Awards for outstanding customer service

Will Keenan – Fire Fighter, Staines Fire Station

Will was nominated for his award by a colleague, who wrote: Denise Turner-Stewart presents Will Keenan with his Tower Award

"On the 14 June 2017  Will Keenan contacted me and asked if he could bring a van to work and start a collection for the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire. This was cleared with senior management and with a few phone calls Will had managed to secure a Transit van and fuel free of charge from a rental company. Within the first hour, there were enough donations coming in to warrant a drive to London, so Will and a colleague, Frank Foster, drove across to the scene. The donations kept on coming. By 2am we were forced to turn people away and close for donations. Both appliance bays were full to capacity and we actually could not accommodate any more donations. By 5pm the next day we had received and shipped out over 30 tonnes of donations.

"Will's initiative, community spirit and generosity led to us collecting and delivering 35000 nappies, 5000 toothbrushes, 5000 tubes of toothpaste and much more to the victims. The response was AMAZING! Will Keenan's idea transformed Staines Fire Station into a station that is truly part of the community. Name a group and they were here that night: Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Eastern European, English, Irish all helping in one common cause.

"It has been an overwhelmingly emotional few days and I am incredibly proud of all the personnel that took part. Many came in on their days off and many stayed for over 24 hours at a time, helping out however they could. While I acknowledge all the helpers, none of this would have happened without Will's suggestion and his desire to make a difference. The impact of his actions on the day were that the community had a focal point for their anguish and that they were empowered to make a difference. That the station personnel were able to work alongside the residents and that the relief effort mirrored the values and standards of the Fire and Rescue Service."

Will was presented with his award by Denise Turner-Stewart, Cabinet Member for Communities.

Vikeisha Sheckleford – SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) Case Worker

Vikeisha was nominated for her awards by a colleague, who wrote: "I consistently receive extremely positive feedback from parents and professionals about Vikeisha. She is passionate about delivering a good service and is known within the office as an extremely calm presence, something which serves her well in her dealings with parents and young people in what can be very challenging circumstances. We collect feedback from parents via a survey link included within our email signatures, and I regularly notice Vikeisha's name cropping up - parents will say that she transformed their experience of SEND and made a complex process very accessible for them, responding swiftly to correspondence and answering queries comprehensively. She actively promotes accessibility and inclusion, and ensures an equitable service for everyone, making adaptations and adjustments as needed. If I were a parent or carer trying to navigate the SEND system I would be grateful for someone like Vikeisha guiding me through it."

Sarah Roberts – Administration Coordinator, Hope Service

Sarah was nominated for her award by a colleague, who wrote: "Sarah is simply amazing. She goes that extra mile for every single person within our team, especially for the young people who come to our service. Sarah's smile makes everyone's day and for some of our young people they might never have a smile in their little lives and so for Sarah to give this to them as they arrive and stay in our programme means the world. Sarah demonstrates such organisation, kindness, and care that goes above and beyond her role. Sarah puts her heart and soul into our gorgeous Hope Service. I am so very proud of Sarah, as is our whole team."

Sarah was presented with her award by Councillor Richard Walsh.