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April 2017 winners of the Tower Awards for outstanding customer service

Mark Davies - Local Highway Officer

Mark was nominated for his award by a member of public, who wrote:  “Following an autumn storm a very large branch snapped off a huge pine tree and was dangling dangerously over the driveway which is the entrance to our house and also a right of way much used by dog walkers and others heading up to Redhill Common. I phoned the local council (Reigate and Banstead) as I was unsure what to do. Walkers were still using the right of way and going under the dangerous tree despite my homemade attempts to close it off. The lady on reception was extremely helpful and put me in touch with Highways Officer Mark Davies. He was absolutely fantastic and came very promptly with signs and barriers to close off the pathway at the Oak Way end and at the High Trees Road end. When the tree surgeons arrived later to remove the branch, they said that it was extremely dangerous and could have fallen at any point and, were it to have landed on a walker passing underneath, it would have killed them due to its size, weight and the height at which it was dangling. I would like to commend Mark and his team for his extremely prompt action and exceptionally helpful attitude especially as it was a very busy day for them all given lots of storm damage. The council's barriers, cones and signs were picked up again promptly on the designated day the following week. This may seem like a small point to commend a member of staff for but it is this prompt attention to detail and responsiveness to a potential emergency which prevents a serious accident. Keep up the good work!”

Stephen Clavey - Senior Engineer (Parking)

Stephen was nominated for his award by two Surrey County Councillors, who wrote: “Stephen Clavey works over and above on behalf of local residents. Where parking restriction could save lives he has worked late into the night placing parking cones to enable the workforce to complete works, even painting temporary lines in order to ensure the safety of residents, whilst they are waiting for the formal lines. He has worked tirelessly, chasing, organising and implementing work.

"Steve continues to work long and hard to complete Parking Reviews despite working in a reduced team and covering several Boroughs/Districts. His local knowledge is excellent. His understanding of Members' requests and preferences ensures that potential problems are avoided. His responses to residents are courteous and helpful whilst also being open about what is possible under both the financial and statutory constraints faced by the Parking Team.”

Donna Leney (Approved Mental Health Professional) and Karen Robertson-Millar (Mental Health Social Worker)

Donna and Karen were nominated for their awards by a client, who wrote: “Donna is quite simply exceptional in her role as a social worker. Her perseverance, zero judgement and absolute belief that I could thrive in my own aspirations for myself meant I was able to feel safe, to be honest with myself and my situation, take supported chances that led to safer choices, and ultimately make significant progress in my mental health.  Donna gave me real advice and guidance, never once patronised me, and thankfully never considered writing me off. Taking calls, often saying little but just offering me the space to sound something out, and empowering me with advice that asserted what I already knew, is worth more than any therapy.

"Karen Glashier is now my care coordinator and following on from Donna with the same passion and belief that absolutely is demonstrated in how she engages me in our sessions. Karen is real, honest and most importantly respects me as a human, not a case file. She also takes time to take my calls if I need them, listens and has a real skill in picking up silence when I need to be supported.

"I honestly cannot express the quality of these two practitioners; they are led by their passion and their belief in the people they serve.  No training course can teach that and Surrey is very, very lucky to have these two in their frontline services. Without question I would not be here at all, or where I am today, without the efforts of these two social workers.  They really are a credit to the social work profession!”