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Listen to our website

Listening to pages

You can use our audio player called "SpeakIT" to listen to our web pages. You may find this helpful if:

  • You find it hard to read
  • You have learning difficulties
  • English is not your first language
  • You have a mild visual impairment

Simply select the "Listen" link at the top of the page to launch the audio player. Unfortunately, SpeakIT can't read every page on our site - particularly secure pages where the URL begins with "https". If the audio player doesn't appear when you press "Listen", then please download WebRead instead using the link below.

WebreadDownload WebRead (.EXE) - If pressing the "Listen" link didn't launch the audio player on the page that you were viewing, or if you would like to listen to a document (eg. PDF file) then please download and run WebRead

Visual accessibility tools

If you would prefer to improve the visibility of content on your screen, rather than listen to the content, then please use one of the following tools. Each of these tools can be downloaded for free and does not require installation. Please note that these tools will only run on Microsoft Windows. Other operating systems are not currently supported.

MagnifyScreen magnification (.EXE) - Download and run this tool to magnify your entire desktop. Press the 'Pause' key to stop the magnifier.

ContrastScreen contrast (.EXE) - Download and run this brightness and contrast tool to alter the appearance of your entire desktop.

RulerScreen ruler (.EXE) - Download and run the screen ruler to help you focus on a small part of the screen at a time.