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Community recycling centres

There have been changes from 4 December 2017 and there will be further changes from 8 January 2018 at Surrey's Community Recycling Centres.

Find out more about these changes.

Surrey has 15 community recycling centres (CRCs) where you can take your household waste. Recycling centres used to be known as rubbish tips or dumps. They are now called recycling centres, as the majority of waste is recycled.

Household waste

Our recycling centres are free to Surrey residents. We accept over 30 different types of household waste materials and recycle as much as possible. However you should be aware that the following materials are chargeable waste:

  • plasterboard and gypsum based products
  • tyres
  • rubble and soil

Please check whether your nearest CRC can accept chargeable waste.

Some recycling centres require proof that you live in Surrey. Please check your local CRC below to see if you need to take proof of address with you.

Vans, pick-ups and trailers

If you are bringing household waste in either a van, pick-up or trailer you will need to obtain a van permit before your visit.

You should also be aware that construction, demolition and DIY waste cannot be brought in a van, pick-up or trailer to any of our CRCs. This waste will be redirected to one of our Waste Transfer Stations where a charge will be applied.

From 8 January 2018, there will be restrictions on which CRCs a van, pick-up or trailer can be taken to. Find out more about these changes.

Business waste and waste transfer stations

Epsom, Guildford and Leatherhead all accept business waste.

Shepperton is currently closed for business waste until further notice.

Each transfer station will weigh your waste and charge for your business waste disposal.

Opening and closing times

From 8 January 2018 opening days at most sites will be reduced. Please select your local community recycling centre page below to find full details of opening hours.

Find your recycling centre

Select one of the links below to find out full details of your local recycling centre or see where they are all located on the Surrey Interactive Map (select Environment housing and planning and tick the box for the Community Recycling Centres layer, then select Refresh the map (top right).

We do not tolerate any form of abuse directed towards our site staff. Any serious incidents or threatening behaviour will be reported to the police and may result in council services being withdrawn.

All Surrey County Council recycling centres are run by SUEZ Surrey (formerly known as SITA Surrey).