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Asbestos waste

Asbestos iconAsbestos is hazardous waste. To find out more about the dangers of asbestos, see the Environment Agency website and asbestos - the hidden killer.

Our advice on disposing of this waste product is different for households and businesses.

Advice for households

Recycle or reuse

This material cannot be recycled or reused.


Asbestos must not be put in with your general rubbish or recycling. None of the boroughs and districts in Surrey offer an asbestos removal or collection service. Asbestos must be removed by a licensed company or taken to one of the following recycling centres:

Ring the centre before you come, to check that there will be enough space in the special container for your asbestos.

On arrival at your chosen site you will be asked to:

  • Complete a ‘Declaration of Household Waste’ form to confirm that the waste asbestos has originated from your own home.
  • Provide some form of ID to confirm that you are a Surrey resident.This applies to all of the above sites.

We can only accept small amounts - up to six sheets - of asbestos cement materials such as:

  • Corrugated or flat sheets
  • Cold water tanks
  • Rainwater pipes and gutters
  • Lining under eaves
  • Flue pipes

Any other form of asbestos must be dealt with by a specialist company.

You can transport asbestos cement waste in your own car without needing to be a registered waste carrier as long as it is your own household waste. We will also allow you to take your permitted allowance of asbestos to one of our nominated sites in a van or trailer providing you have a valid van permit. However if you bring your permitted allowance of asbestos in a van mixed with other construction waste, you will be refused entry. General DIY waste is not permitted in a van or trailer. Please see our construction waste policy.

Take the following steps to ensure that the asbestos does not contaminate your car or van:

  • Spray the asbestos cement with water.
  • Double wrap or double bag the asbestos cement with heavy duty polythene.
  • Ensure the wrapping is secured with tape.
  • Make sure that none of the vehicle occupants have access to the asbestos waste.
  • On arrival at the centre, inform a member of staff so that they can direct you to the special container.
  • Make sure the wrapping is still securely in place before unloading the asbestos cement.

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Advice for businesses

Recycle or reuse

This material cannot be recycled or reused.


It is illegal to dispose of business waste through facilities provided for householders, including household kerbside collection bins, street bins, recycling banks or recycling centres. For information on handling and disposing of business waste see our business waste page.

Asbestos is a hazardous substance and must be disposed of in landfills designed for hazardous waste.

See the Health and Safety Executive website for the most appropriate methods of dealing with asbestos to fully comply with regulations, ensure maximum safety and protect your organisation from litigation.

Make sure any company you choose is licensed with the Environment Agency to handle and dispose of asbestos waste.

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