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Tyres - ways to reuse, recycle and dispose

From 1 September 2016, there will be a charge for disposing of this waste material. Find out more about these charges.

Our advice for tyres is different for households and businesses.Tyres icon

Advice for households

Due to increasing pressure on council finances, Surrey County Council has found it necessary to introduce changes to the way it accepts tyres at some of our community recycling centres (CRCs), as well as other non household waste, from 01 April 2016. 

Surrey County Council only has a legal obligation to provide recycling centre facilities for household waste (which is waste arising from the day to day running of a household).There is no requirement for the council to provide a service for the disposal of non household waste, or to accept it free of charge. Tyres are not considered household waste and the council does not have to accept this type of waste free of charge. 

It does recognise however that facilities are still needed for local residents to dispose of tyres, and so rather than taking the drastic measure of withdrawing this discretionary service completely, the council has made arrangements with the site operators for such waste to be accepted for a charge at certain CRCs.


Your local boatyard or go-cart track may accept donated tyres for use as buffers.


If you replace the tyres on your car, the garage where you have them fitted should accept your old tyres from you.

If you change your tyres yourself, check if the shop that you bought them from will take back your old tyres from you. 

If you still find you need to bring tyres in to one of our CRCs, they can now only be accepted at the following sites:

They will not be accepted at the remaining seven CRCs: 

CRCs that won't accept  tyres          Nearest alternative site(s) that will accept tyres
Bond Road, Warlingham Horley Road, Earlswood
Bourne Mill, Farnham Petworth Road, Witley or Wilton Road, Camberley
Chaldon Road, Caterham Horley Road, Earlswood
Elmbridge Road, Cranleigh Petworth Road, Witley
Ranmore Road, Dorking Randalls Road, Leatherhead
Swift Lane, Bagshot Wilton Road, Camberley


Disposal charges for tyres will be introduced on 1 September 2016. Find out more about these charges.

Bicycle tyres will be exempt from charges.

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Advice for businesses

It is illegal to dispose of business waste through facilities provided for householders, including household kerbside collection bins, street bins, recycling banks or recycling centres. For information on handling and disposing of business waste see our business waste page.

Tyre can help you to locate outlets for legal collection and disposal of tyres.

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