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Gas bottles and domestic fire extinguishers - ways to reuse, recycle and dispose

Reuse and recycle

Refillable gas cylinders and bottles

When you buy a gas cylinder from a supplier, you’ll usually be asked to pay for and agree to a Cylinder Refill Agreement which legally states that the cylinder always remains the property of the supplier. When it’s empty, you can simply exchange it for a pre-filled cylinder within the same category group.

If however, you don’t want another cylinder, you can simply return the empty one in good condition and receive a partial refund on the cost of the refill agreement, which is worked out on a sliding scale.

If you find you still need to bring one in to one of our CRCs, they are accepted at all of our community recycling centres.


Do not put gas bottles, gas cylinders, fire extinguishers or any other type of high pressure canister in with your general waste as they can explode under heat or pressure, causing injury.