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Changes at Surrey's Community Recycling Centres

Changes from 7 May 2019

Recycling only centres

From 7 May 2019, Surrey County Council's Community Recycling Centres (CRCs) in Bagshot, Cranleigh, Dorking and Warlingham will only accept recycling.

This is a trial while we review alternative options for maintaining an effective service, and to see if it helps residents recycle even more of their waste.

We're also making some adjustments ahead of the introduction of charges in June for wood waste created by the construction, alteration or repair of your home or garden.

That means Caterham CRC will no longer accept any wood or roofing felt from 7 May. This is because there isn't space to receive payments. All wood can be taken to Earlswood CRC instead. Recycling and other waste which isn't chargeable – like black bags, hazardous waste and carpets – can still be taken to Caterham CRC.

There are no changes to opening hours at any CRCs

What can be taken to each CRC?

From 7 May 2019, the materials which can be taken to different CRCs are changing.

Item Bagshot, Cranleigh, Dorking and WarlinghamCaterham Other CRC'S
Batteries Yes Yes Yes
Books Yes Yes Yes
Car batteries Yes Yes Yes
Clothes and home textiles Yes Yes Yes
Cooking and used engine oil Yes Yes Yes
Foil Yes Yes Yes
Food tins and drink cans Yes Yes Yes
Garden waste Yes Yes Yes
Gas bottles Yes Yes Yes
Glass bottles and jars Yes Yes Yes
Light bulbs Yes Yes Yes
Kitchen appliances like cookers, fridges and washing machines Yes Yes Yes
Metals Yes Yes Yes
Mobile phones Yes Yes Yes
Paper and cardboard Yes Yes Yes
Plastic bottles Yes* Yes Yes
Printer cartridges Yes Yes Yes
Small electricals Yes Yes Yes
Spectacles Yes Yes Yes
TVs and monitors Yes Yes Yes
Black bag waste No Yes Yes
Carpets No Yes Yes
Furniture including mattresses No Yes** Yes
Hard plastics No Yes Yes
Hazardous waste like garden chemicals and paint No Yes Yes
Wood and timber No No Yes
Hard-core, rubble and soil No No Yes
Plasterboard No No Yes
Roofing felt No No Yes
Tyres No No Yes

* Plastic bottles cannot be taken to Warlingham CRC

** Wooden furniture cannot be taken to Caterham CRC, Asbestos can only be taken to Epsom, Guildford and Shepperton CRCs

Changes from 3 June 2019

Chargeable waste

There are already charges for the disposal of some materials including rubble, soil, plasterboard and tyres. These can currently be taken to the following CRCs:

However from 3 June 2019:

  • There will also be charges for construction wood waste such as sheds, roofing felt, fencing panels and posts, decking, and fitted kitchen units
  • You will be able to take all chargeable waste to Farnham CRC