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Fly tipping

If you have seen any fly-tipping please report it to the appropriate borough or district council:

On private land

Waste material which has been fly tipped on private land is the responsibility of the land owner who will need to arrange for its disposal.

Surrey fly-tipping prevention strategy

Fly-tipping is the illegal dumping of waste on land. It can range from a black bag of household waste to large quantities of household, commercial or construction waste and is one of the most common forms of anti-social behaviour. It is unsightly, threatens wildlife, causes pollution and endangers public health. Last year it cost Surrey’s councils nearly £1 million to clear up.

Surrey councils and other partners have joined up to tackle and reduce the problem of fly-tipping in Surrey. A joint strategy has been developed that will focus on coordinating and enhancing the prevention, investigation and enforcement activities of partner organisations. The fly-tipping prevention strategy (PDF) details the aims, objectives and actions needed to achieve our vision in partnership with our stakeholders.

One of the first activities to commence in the strategy is a county-wide anti fly-tipping campaign. For information on this, visit

Files available to download

  • Surrey fly-tipping prevention strategy (1.0 MB)
    This document sets out the strategic approach for addressing the problem of fly-tipping with partner organisations in Surrey and has been developed by a Surrey project team.