Work and Education staff benefits

  • Buy Annual Leave
    With your manager's approval you may apply to buy up to 10 days annual leave during November each year.
  • Employee Volunteering Scheme
    You can take up to two days or equivalent (pro-rata) paid time off to volunteer through the employee volunteering scheme.
  • Adult Learning Courses Get 15% a discount off the full, basic fee for any adult learning course. (Additional costs such as sundries are not subject to the discount)
  • Agile Working
    With your manager's approval you can change your working hours to: part time, term time, home working or job sharing. For more information search for 'agile working policy' on the s-net.
  • MyCareer
    MyCareer helps you to plan your career with the council. Summaries on job roles and learning and development opportunities are available, along with access to job profiles relevant to you in progressing your career
  • Give As You Earn (GAYE)
    This scheme enables eligible staff to donate a regular fixed sum to any charity (or charities) recognised by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). All donations are tax-free. For more information search for 'give as you earn' on the s-net.

    If you do not have access to the internal s-net or if you need further advice please contact My Helpdesk:

    • by email at
    • or internal to My Helpdesk HR/CAE/SCC
    • or by phone on 020 8541 9000

Please check that you are happy with the choices you make before signing up for these benefits.