Workplace parking discount

This web page is for use by Surrey County Council staff only.

Discounted parking permits in Woking

Woking Borough Council offers a special discounted rate on annual season tickets to SCC staff. An annual season ticket can be purchased for the following car parks:

  • Woking town centre: Victoria Way or Shoppers Red (Toys R Us) car park*: £780 (including VAT) per annum
  • Woking Park 3G car park**: £600 (including VAT) per annum. A permit for part-time staff can also be provided when applying on a pro-rata basis, calculated on the number of days a week worked (e.g. 1 x day = 1/5th of the annual cost). These permits will only be valid for the days stated. Should staff work on any other day, they will have to pay the normal hourly/daily rate. This arrangement for part-time staff is only available for Woking Park 3G car park.

If you would like to apply for this discount, simply complete the following steps:

  1. Email the Permits Team on: and confirm your full name and address, full vehicle details, employment position with SCC and the Car Park you wish to use (i.e. Victoria Way, Shoppers Red or Woking Park 3G). You will also need to attach a letter from your Line Manager clearly stating that you are employed by SCC. This can be requested by contacting Employee Services.
  2. The Permits Team will then make contact to take payment for the appropriate permit over the telephone by Credit or Debit Card.
  3. Once the payment is made, the permit will need to be collected from the Civic Offices in Woking. Please remember to take your staff ID pass as proof of SCC employment.

Individuals with full permits in Woking Park 3G are advised that if their vehicle's CO2 emissions fall within Bands A or B it may be more economical to apply for a normal Annual Season Ticket.

Woking BC will charge a £25 fee under the following circumstances:

  • for any change in vehicle or staff details
  • to replace a lost or stolen permit or proximity card
  • for any permit/proximity card cancellation

*The Shoppers Red and Victoria Way car parks are controlled by entry and exit barriers. Woking BC issues a proximity card which is used to open the barriers. In this car park, Woking BC also operates 'automatic number plate recognition' (ANPR) and a camera recognises the number plate to open the barriers automatically. The proximity card is therefore a stand-by in case ANPR fails to work for any reason.
**Woking Park 3G car park is an 'open' car park (no barrier controls). Staff using this car park will be issued with a permit to display on their windscreen. If the permit is not displayed the hourly/daily rate must be paid as failure to display may result in a Penalty Charge Notice being issued.

If you use a different car (e.g. using a courtesy car):

  • Woking Park: the windscreen permit can be displayed in the temporary car
  • Shoppers Red: the proximity card can be used to open the barriers.

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