Refer a friend to work at Surrey

Refer a friend scheme

Employees who refer a friend to a hard-to-recruit post within Adult Social Care or Children's Services could receive a £1,000 payment in return. A referral can be made at any time.

Employees can also receive a payment of £250 for our Care assistant roles, please see below for further information.

Who is eligible for refer a friend payments?

  • You are employed as Surrey County Council staff on Surrey terms and conditions of service.
  • You refer someone to apply for a social work or occupational therapy vacancy, excluding newly qualified posts, in Adult Social Care (up to grade S13) or Children's Services and they are appointed successfully.
  • The successful candidate has a Social Work or OT qualification and HCPC registration.

Who is not eligible?

  • You are a member of staff on non-Surrey terms and conditions of service
  • You are not an employee (e.g. members, partners, agency workers)
  • You are a member of staff who is part of the recruitment process (i.e. recruitment or HR professionals)

How does the person I am referring apply for a post?

All current vacancies within Adult Social Care or Children's will be listed on our Jobs site. Applicants submit their application and confirm they saw the vacancy by your referral.

How do I apply for the refer-a-friend scheme?

Once your friend is successfully employed send an email to apply for the payment to: Make it clear in the email the full name of the person you are referring.

What else do I need to know?

You are entitled to a maximum payment of £1,000 for referring someone to the Council for employment. This is subject to tax and NI deductions.

You will be paid the £1,000 incentive in two parts:

  1. £500 once your friend is appointment to the Council
  2. 2. £500 after your friend is employed for three months

Payments will be paid directly into the bank account to which the referrer receives their salary.

£250 thank you for finding the right care assistant

You can also help us find the right care assistants and receive a £250 thank you.


  • You must still be employed three months after your friend starts so the second payment can be processed into your salary.
  • The person being referred must still be employed when the second payment is made.

Individuals will be matched to vacancies for interview. Previous members of staff can be referred if there is a minimum of six months break in their employment with the Council.

All payments need confirmation the person referred has gone through a successful recruitment process and you are a Surrey County Council member of staff. You will also need Head of Service approval before any payment will be made.

There is no tie-in or a claw back period for the scheme unless payment was made in error or in circumstances contravening the key conditions.

If you need any further advice please contact My Helpdesk HR.