How the online DBS Service works

There are four straight-forward steps involved in the online DBS system:

Face-to-face ID check

The hiring manager or person managing the DBS check accesses the online DBS system and starts an application. They confirm which ID documents have been supplied by the applicant and they complete details of these via the easy to follow online form.

Once this section is filled in, the applicant is given the option to complete the online form there and then, or later, at their own convenience. Login information is provided to the applicant by an automated email or letter.

Applicant details

The applicant logs into the online DBS system and completes the application form fields online. As part of the submission process, applicants are required to legally declare the accuracy of their information and give permission for it to be submitted to the DBS. This is the equivalent to their hard copy signature and is done via the online form.

Transfer to CRB

Once the form has been completed we will verify and countersign the DBS application form for you. This is submitted to the DBS electronically via a secure method.


The hiring manager, or person managing the application, can log into the online DBS system to track the progress and view the final result. The applicant receives a hard copy of the disclosure certificate by post.