Housing for Surrey employees

What's available to help you relocate?

If you need to relocate but cannot afford to buy a home, you may be able to get financial help through a government home ownership scheme.

Find out more about affordable home ownership schemes

There are a number of 'Help to Buy' options available in Surrey, designed to make buying a home more affordable. Alternatively you can rent a home at less than the market rate, allowing you to save for a future deposit.

Hiring managers may offer relocation assistance to attract applicants to roles that are hard to fill. Such offers will be subject to a business case approved by the Head of Service in consultation with the Head of HR.

The assistance offers a contribution towards the cost of relocating and does not apply to fixed-term appointments or employees on bank contracts. The hiring manager will be able to provide more information about what is available through the scheme..

Housing associations

Local district and borough councils have lists of housing associations in Surrey who provide affordable housing options for people who need extra support.

Some housing associations in Surrey offer housing which is specifically allocated for key workers.

Visit the relevant district and borough website to find out how to apply: