Buying annual leave

Please note: This is an annual benefit where eligible employees may apply during November each year.

This web page is for use by Surrey County Council staff only.

Eligible staff may buy up to ten days leave (72 hours).

To buy annual leave you must have approval from your manager, who will need to complete and submit a Buying Leave form on your behalf before the annual scheme deadline in November.

Due to operational reasons this benefit is not available to everyone.

Am I eligible?

You must be a Surrey County Council employee

  • on full Surrey Pay terms and conditions of service
  • and staff on tupe contracts where their terms and conditions allow
  • and you must have approval from your manager to buy annual leave, within the limits set out below. Permission will only be granted if operational needs can be met.

This option is not available to everyone, as for operational reasons, it may not be practical and the following staff are not eligible:

  • commercial services staff
  • educational support staff ( except staff in SEND )
  • teachers
  • firefighters
  • employees on bank contracts
  • members

When can I apply?

This is an annual scheme benefit and your manager will need to submit the Buying Leave Form during the annual scheme renewal each November.

Please note: the deadline for buying annual leave will be 30 November.

How do I apply?

As this is an annual benefit, applications are only accepted in November. Please discuss your request with your manager and if they are in agreement, ask them to complete and submit the Buying leave form. This confirms that management approval has been given.

What happens if I leave the council?

The benefit will cease at the end of your last month of employment.

On leaving the council if you have taken flexi leave in excess of your accrued or paid entitlement, then any outstanding amount due will be deducted from your final salary.

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How does it work?

Under no circumstances will you be allowed to purchase more than 10 days (72 hours).

If you work full-time you may apply to buy up to 10 days (72 hours) extra leave of your contracted entitlement. These limits will be calculated on a pro-rata basis for those staff working on a part-time basis.

How to calculate the maximum number of days that can be bought:
Buy - 72/36 x contractual weekly hours = maximum amount of annual leave that can be purchased

  • The rate of deduction is based your substantive grade/rate of pay as at the 1 January, i.e. the start of the leave year in which leave is bought.
  • The rate of deduction is fixed for the year regardless of any movement in your hourly rate of pay after 1 January.
  • Buying extra leave is now a 'net-pay deduction scheme'. This will reduce your net pay after tax and NI.
  • The change to your salary will be shown on your payslip.

How purchase of annual leave is calculated

To work out how much you will pay or will be paid to you, please use the calculator found at the bottom of this page.

Any bought days will be added to your annual leave allowance on SAP for the next calendar/leave year (i.e. from 1 January to 31 December).

If you have access to the s-net Portal you will be able to view your normal contractual and bought leave entitlement before the end of the previous leave year.

Find out more

If you have doubts about the calculation or for advice contact My Helpdesk:

  • by email at or internal at My Helpdesk HR/CAE/SCC
  • by phone on 020 8541 9000 option 1

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