Money Advice Service

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This company is not endorsed by Surrey County Council. It is important that you understand the details of what is on offer so that you are happy with your choice and are sure that it suits your needs.

Want to make the most of your money?

It's easier than you think.

Answer some straightforward questions about you and your money and The Money Advice Service, an independent organisation, will give you a free confidential health check that will set out what you can do in easy steps.

Why take the health check?

  • For helpful, unbiased money advice
  • Get a clear picture of your finances
  • Make the most of your money

What you'll get out of it

  • An action plan, tailored to you
  • Simple steps you can take now
  • Clear goals you can work towards

It takes just 5-6 minutes, doesn't involve any paperwork and your answers are kept confidential.