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Children's Improvement Board

The Children's Improvement Board is chaired by the leader of the council and has members from the council's main political groups and partner organisations. It was established to act on behalf of the county council to oversee improvements to Children's Services. The full purpose of the board is outlined in the Improvement Board – terms of reference (PDF) and there are additional details on its focus in the Improvement Board – Chairman's key areas of focus (PDF).

Members of the Children's Improvement Board

Members of the board are listed below:

  • David Hodge, Leader, Surrey County Council (Chairman)
  • Clare Curran, Cabinet Member for Children, Surrey County Council
  • Mary Lewis, Cabinet Member for Education, Surrey County Council
  • Claire Burgess, Independent Chair of the Surrey Safeguarding Children Board
  • Julie Fisher, Acting Chief Executive, Surrey County Council
  • Rose Durban, Interim Director of Children's Services
  • Hazel Watson, Leader of Liberal Democrats Group
  • Nick Harrison, Leader, Residents Association and Independent Group
  • Ben Bartlett, Secondary Schools Phase Council
  • Mary Ellen McCarthy, Primary Schools Phase Council
  • Paul Walsh, Special Schools Phase Council
  • Jon Savell, Detective Chief Superintendent, Surrey Police
  • Amanda Boodhoo, Deputy Director Safeguarding, Surrey Wide Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Diane McCormack, Acting Director Commissioning Children, Guildford and Waverley Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Clive Harrison, Department for Education (DfE Advisory Team, RedQuadrant)
  • Latest news

    At the last meeting in January, the board focused on the priority practice improvement work being undertaken across Children's Services and Early Help to ensure all children are seen, safe and heard. Priority areas scrutinised by the board included:

  • Improvements to front-door decision making at the Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) and the application of thresholds.
  • The findings from quality assurance reviews of children on Child Protection plans and other high-risk cases.
  • Priority work to resolve points where children experience delays in assessment and support
  • The new in-house service in place since January to conduct return home interviews (or conversations) with children who've gone missing. The board also heard feedback from members who had held practice conversations with staff and managers across the county in January. The conversations helped to identify areas of good practice to build on and areas where action is required to better support practitioners to deliver consistent good practice for children and families. This feedback is being used to inform the practice improvement work.

  • Next meeting

    The board will continue to review the priority improvement work to front-line practice to ensure the actions agreed are having a real impact on improving outcomes for children. The main items for the February 2018 Improvement Board include:

  • Review of practice improvement work
  • Early help practice improvement update
  • Progress update on all the key strategic actions in the Children's Improvement Plan
  • Updates on: Initial Health Assessments; Public Law Outline timeliness; and Initial Child Protection Conference timeliness
  • Files available to download